File & Polish £17.00

Princess Manicure (under 10 years old) £14.00

Manicure £25.00

Luxury Manicure £35.00

(including exfoliation, masque and heated mitts)

Pedicure £31.00

Luxury Pedicure £40

(including exfoliation, masque and heated booties)

Manicure for Men £21

OPI Pedicure for Men £27

Shellac Colour Manicure £29.00

Removal £12.00

Removal and re-application £34.00

For french polish add £3 to the above prices

Callus Peel £22.00

Callus Peel with File & Polish toes £32.00

Callus Peel with Pedicure £36.00

Please remember to bring a pair of open-toed shoes with you when coming for a pedicure.